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About Kipkeino Foundation

Kipkeino Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya to advance humanitarian and charitable efforts of great Kenya athletic icon Dr. Kipchoge Keino. The Kipkeino Foundation runs an educational program that seeks to introduce to the local community quality and affordable education. In realization of strong impact of sports in the society, kipkeino Foundation endeavors to identify and develop sports talent in the field of athletics to enable athletes realize and benefit their potential. The Kipkeino High performance is already in operation and the sports academy is the planning process.

Kipkeino High school was opened in 2009 to cater for graduates from the primary school and to facilitate continuity through talent development in programs like environmental care and the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP). School houses, feeds and educates many orphans and children from Eldoret. At the school, environmental care and the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) are an integral part of the curriculum.

The Kipkeino Primary School is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Phyllis Keino. Since January 1999, the school has provided a quality primary school education to hundreds of students from the Eldoret highlands in western Kenya. In December 2005, the school ranked #1 in the District out of 400 primary schools for the Kenya Certificate of Education Exam for Grade 8 students. All Kipkeino School students who sat for the exam passed and were called to placements in secondary school.

The Kipkeino High Performance Training Center is a haven for athletes and has benefited many young people from Kenya and all over the world. Located in a hundred acres of farmland just outside Eldoret is setting new standards in training facilities. and The centre is listed by the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) as one of seven High Performance Training Centres in the world.

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