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About The Kipkeino Foundation

About Kipkeino Foundation

Kipkeino Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya to advance humanitarian and charitable efforts of great Kenya athletic icon Dr. Kipchoge Keino. The Kipkeino Foundation runs an educational program that seeks to introduce to the local community quality and affordable education.In realization of strong impact of sports in the society, kipkeino Foundation endeavors to identify and develop sports talent in the field of athletics to enable athletes realize and benefit their potential. The Kipkeino High performance is already in operation and the sports academy is the planning process.

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Some Of Our Projects Are
Kipkeino High School

Kipkeino High school was opened in 2009 to cater for graduates from the primary school and to facilitate continuity through talent development in programs like environmental care and the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP). School houses, feeds and educates many orphans and children from Eldoret. At the school, environmental care and the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) are an integral part of the curriculum.

High Altitude Training Center

The Kipkeino High Performance Training Center is a haven for athletes and has benefited many young people from Kenya and all over the world. Located in a hundred acres of farmland just outside Eldoret is setting new standards in training facilities. and The centre is listed by the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) as one of seven High Performance Training Centres in the world.

Nandi Farm

Kipkeino Nandi Farm is situated in Kipsamo, Nandi County. The farm specializes in Tea farming and Dairy farming. Profit from tea farming form an additional income for Kipkeino foundation to help the needy children in Both Kipkeino School and Kipkeino High School. On the other hand from Nandi farm is used to feed the children in both facilities.

  • Kipkeino High School
  • High Altitude Training Center
  • Nandi Farm

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Kipkeino receives olympic laurel distinction

Kipkeino was the first ever recipient of the olympic laurel, a distinction created by the international olympic committee (ioc) to honour an outstanding individual for their achievements in education, culture, development and peace through sport. Kipkeino received his trophy during the opening ceremony of the olympic games rio 2016 .

Kipchoge Keino Core Awards:

  • olympic laurel distinction
  • All-Africa Games champions in men's 5000 metres
  • World Best Year Performance in Men's 1500
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
  • IAAF Hall of Fame

Other Awards

  • Olympic champions in men's 1500 metres
  • Olympic champions in men's 3000 metres steeplechase
  • Commonwealth Champions in Men's 5000 m
  • Commonwealth Games champions in men's 1500 metres
  • All-Africa Games champions in men's 1500 metres


Kipchoge Keino

Kip Keino was born January 17, 1940 in Nandi Hills, Kenya. At the 1968 Olympics, he competed in six distance races in eight days. In the 5,000-metre final he earned a silver medal. In the 1,500 meters he won the race by 20 meters. At the 1972 Games, he won a silver medal in the 1,500 meters and a gold medal in the 3,000-metre steeplechase. He was later president of Kenya's Olympic Committee.

All African Games Champion

Commonwealth Champion

Olympic Champion

Kipkeino is a Legend

Suffering from violent stomach pains caused by a gall bladder infection, Keino entered the 10,000m. He was running with the leaders when, with two laps to go, he doubled up with pain and fell onto the infield. He jumped back up and finished the race, but he was disqualified for leaving the track. Four days later, he earned a silver medal in the 5,000m, trailing Mohamed Gammoudi of Tunisia by barely a metre. In the 1,500m, Keino tried to neutralize the finishing kick of the favourite, Jim Ryun, by building up a huge lead.

quotes-image Kipchoge Keino

His tactic worked and he won by 20m, the largest margin of victory in the history of the event. In 1972, Keino entered the steeplechase even though he had little experience in the event. Still, he was able to outkick teammate Ben Jipcho and win another gold medal. Six days after this victory, he added a silver medal in the 1,500m. Keino and his wife, Phyllis, eventually established a children’s home and school for orphaned and abandoned children.

quotes-image Kipchoge Keino

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